Bespoke Induction Skills Testing

Employers have the same training challenges currently facing all industry competitors - how to increase training coverage, standardisation and quality of training while delivering a cost effective solution.  The introduction of e-learning modules which focus on subjects like Induction, Basic Skills and Induction Skills Test would enable employers to train individuals in a particular area.   We estimate each course to be one to two hours in duration but this time could drastically be reduced.

We would aim to modify and develop the course specific to personal ability and individual requirements especially surrounding the induction testing module.  Once developed each course would be available to all employees if linked to all job roles via the LMS.  By producing a bespoke course to be delivered via e-learning, we can drastically reduce administration and employee ‘downtime’ allowing individuals to make efficient and rapid progress through the LMS without diluting learning content. 

A minimal amount of disruption to the business is a key factor, all training hosted within the VLE will give the opportunity to access induction courses flexibly in module form, work can be saved at anytime and restarted when time allows. Confirmation of full induction training and understanding will be conducted via end testing which will be scored and recorded within the LMS.  Achievement of the course will result in the individual receiving an achievement certificate for the individual course which can demonstrate induction completion plus personal development.