Learning and Development NVQ at Level 4

Your work situation must give you the opportunity to be involved in a range of learning support, facilitation, design, evaluative and management related tasks, which may include:

  • working with individuals to identify their learning aims and agree learning programmes
  • designing and developing learning programmes
  • preparing resources to support learning
  • managing the contribution of other people to the learning process
  • carrying out presentations, demonstrations, instruction and coaching
  • evaluating and improving programmes
  • supporting and advising individual learners
  • candidate assessment
  • providing basic skills training.

To achieve the qualification the candidate must complete twelve units in total. These are drawn from eight mandatory units and four optional units.

7 mandatory units:

  • Contribute to learning with the organisation (G2)
  • Evaluate and develop own practice (G3)
  • Design learning programmes (L4)
  • Agree learning programmes with learners (L5)
  • Manage the contribution of other people to the learning process (L8)
  • Create a climate that promotes learning (L9)
  • Evaluate and improve learning and development programmes (L17)

Plus either of the following two units:

  • Identify the learning and development needs of the organisation (L2)
  • Identify individual learning aims and programmes (L3)

And 4 optional units from:

  • Prepare and develop resources to support learning (L7)
  • Enable group learning (L13)
  • Support learners by mentoring in the workplace (L14)
  • Support and advise individual learners (L15)
  • Monitor and review progress with learners (L16)
  • Respond to changes in learning and development (L18)
  • Provide learning and development in international settings (L19)
  • Support competence achieved in the workplace (L20)
  • Plan how to provide basic skills in the workplace (L21)
  • Introduce training for basic skills in the workplace (L22)
  • Assess candidates using a range of methods (A1)
  • Assess candidates' performance through observation (A2)
  • Conduct internal quality assurance of the assessment process (V1)

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