Inspirational Leadership


The course applies the Kouzes and Posner model of inspirational leadership and offers delegates ways of believing, thinking and acting that puts inspirational leadership within their grasp.

Course Objectives

This course will enable delegates to:

  • Effectively challenge the status quo in pursuance of continuous improvement.
  • Cultivate a culture of curiosity and creativity.
  • Assertively drive appropriate change.
  • Form an inspiring and enabling vision for their team.
  • Flexibly move from one management style to another dependent on the situation and the individual or team.
  • Assess their behaviour against the vision and adapt and/or plan their development.
  • Create a feedback culture through leading by example.
  • Give constructive and motivating feedback to individuals and the team.


Whilst there are no essential pre-requisites for this course, it would be useful to have attended the Team Leader course 

Course Content

Challenging the Process

  • The underpinning attitude that drives continuous improvement.
  • Encouraging curiosity and ?what if? mindsets.
  • Assertiveness and tough mindedness to follow through on change.

Inspiring a shared vision

  • Giving open and honest self-disclosure.
  • Clarifying the vision in team terms and making it within their grasp, within the appropriate timescale.
  • Gaining commitment to the vision.
  • Body language and congruency of the vision message.

Enabling others to act

  • Facilitating creativity, diverging power, responsibility and accountability.
  • Managing and supporting without over-controlling.
  • The Tannenbaum and Schmidt model of leadership.

Setting an example

  • Walking the talk, practising what they preach, living the vision.
  • This challenges delegates to believe in and provide a model for their vision and have the humility to seek feedback from the team.

Recognising the contribution of others

  • Catching people doing it right.
  • Balancing feedback and providing more positive than corrective.
  • Encouraging people to give themselves feedback first.
  • Flexing the method of feedback to meet each individuals needs and motivate them.

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