Coaching Skills


This course will be of benefit to all professionals, managers and leaders. Delegates will benefit more by identifying one or more areas they would like to address by coaching.

Are you already at the top of your game, but want to raise the bar? Are you a high performer looking for the professional competitive edge, by enhancing leadership, presentation or business development skills? Do you seek more satisfaction, fulfilment or work-life balance? Or perhaps you feel that you or your team need a catalyst to unleash potential.

Coaching is a highly powerful method for developing professional and personal excellence and is heralded as the way to create and evolve the corporate organisations of the future. Evidence shows that coaching improves profitability, performance and the working environment. The fact that you are reading this suggests that you are looking to develop and achieve success.

This very practical interactive course, facilitated by highly qualified professionals, will give you the knowledge, skills and strategies to coach yourself and others.This course will cover significant recent developments in clinical negligence law.

Course Objectives

Obtain a greater understanding of:

  • Conduct a one-to-one coaching session
  • Have a set of skills and tools to enable them to coach others
  • Perform better professionally and personally
  • Learn effective strategies for success
  • Address one or more professional or personal issues to improve performance
  • Understand the concept of coaching and distinguish it from consulting, training and other disciplines
  • Set compelling goals to achieve the outcomes they want
  • Experience increased confidence and awareness
  • Develop their potential and be more fulfilled professionally and personally

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