Bespoke Courses

Training Designed For You

Blue Training recognises that every company is unique. This is why we have set up our Bespoke Training Service. We will help you deliver that inspirational training event which will be specifically tailored to your business.

A bespoke training programme is researched, designed and delivered specifically for your needs

• Step 1: Research & Familiarisation
Our training specialists work with you to research the key areas that will impact the programme design and agree project objectives

• Step 2: Confirmation of Project Activity
Key areas of the project are confirmed in writing including all project steps,milestones, programme structure, supporting activity, timings and evaluation measures

• Step 3: Preparation of Learning Content
Our project team prepare the programme in-line with the above steps. The content is highly specific to your organisation and the initiatives that are key to the success of your business

• Step 4: Implementation of Training Programme
The programme is implemented in-line with the agreed rollout plan

• Step 5: Project Evaluation
The project is evaluated throughout its implementation against key measures decided upon during Step 1


Use our Enquiry Form to tell us your ideas no matter how big or small and our team of Training experts will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your options.