Ben Hyman, VME

I met with Phil Lawrence at the beginning of 2010, at an exhibition in Manchester, where he introduced the services that Blue Training have to offer, and how they may benefit our organisation.  Our organisation involves a group of staff working in the warehouse where the majority of them do not hold formal qualifications.

Our long term objectives over the new few years are to work towards "Investor In People" status, and we understand the need to develop our staff's greater understanding of general operational procedures, health and safety and associated recognised qualifications and Blue Training have developed a platform for us to do this.

From the start Blue Training identified our training requirements thoroughly and I was confident that we would achieve the continual development that we are looking to achieve from our staff.  Communication between myself and the staff at Blue Training has been excellent.  All the information regarding the units was clear and worked in parallel with our organisational procedures. It was excellent that I could have separate meetings with the trainers to indicate the areas that I wished for my staff to be developed in and then during the training process these procedures would be implemented.  Having someone external to our organisation explaining methods of working can have a far greater impact on the staff than myself asking staff to change the way they work.

Our trainer Paul has been more than accommodating in working around our schedule. We work in an industry that changes almost hourly.  Paul would arrange times to organise training but would be more than happy in working around our business to avoid any disruption.  The quality of training that Paul delivers is of an excellent standard and have been perfectly tailored to our organisation. He is highly professional in his method of teaching and interacts very well with the staff on a more personal level.

We have seen a positive response in our staff; their motivation, quality of work and understanding of change has been excellent.  We wish to continue working with Blue Training as an ongoing process and incorporate the same training modules for any new staff that we take on.  In addition to this we have several office based staff that would be looking to begin the ILM qualification.

We have also recommended Blue Training to several other organisations who will hopefully begin the same process that we have enjoyed.