Q: What is an Apprenticeship?

A: Apprenticeships are an excellent way of gaining qualifications and work based experience. As an Apprentice you learn as you earn and build up confidence, skills and knowledge which help you develop a career.

Q: What types of Apprenticeships are available?

A: Apprenticeships are available in all sectors and Blue Training specializes in:

  • Business Admin
  • Catering and Hospitality.
  • Cleaning
  • Customer Service
  • Facilities Management
  • Retail
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Supporting Services in Healthcare
  • Warehousing

They generally fall into two categories:

  • ‘Apprenticeships’ equivalent to GCSE level.
  • ‘Advanced Apprenticeships’ equivalent to A-levels.

Q: If I change Employers will I have to re start my Apprenticeship?

A: No. You can continue on the same Apprenticeship program providing your job matches your Apprenticeship sector

Q:  Can I do an Apprenticeship if I don’t have a Job

A: You do need to be in Employment to complete an Apprenticeship. Blue Training can help you every step of the way towards securing an Apprenticeship with an Employer just fill out the Apprenticeship Enquiry Form to get started or email us on partner@bluetraining.org  and we will be in touch within 24 hours to talk you through the process.

Q:  Can I do an Apprenticeship if I already have a job?

A: Yes. Contact us on 0844 879 4491 or email partner@bluetraining.org with your name, contact number and place of work and we will be happy to help you

Q:  How will I learn through my Apprenticeship?

A:  At Blue Training we have a Team of highly experienced and friendly Trainers who use the latest technology to help you gain evidence for your Apprenticeship. Your portfolio will be online making it easy for you to access it either with your Trainer’s laptop or where ever you have internet access. Your Trainer will select the most appropriate units for you and put together a frame work which is made up of Key Skills, A Technical Certificate and the National Vocational Qualification. Blue Training will tailor the training around your individual needs and you can use your new skills in your job.

Q: What are the Career benefits to having an Apprenticeship?

A: Getting qualified while working on the Job can mean:

  • You get a nationally recognised qualification which is relevant to your Job Role
  • Work better and more effectively
  • Increases promotion opportunity
  • Recognition for your existing skills and knowledge
  • Increases  Job security
  • Gain skills and Knowledge which can be used across a range of industries

Q: Do I get paid?

A: All employed apprentices must receive a minimum of £95 per week, however as skills develop employers tend to increase net wages. Research shows that apprenticeships receive on average £170 per week in the UK.

Q: How long does an Apprenticeship take?

A:  Timescales vary according to the qualification level and your industry sector. Apprenticeships normally take around 12 - 16 months to complete with Blue Training.

Q: What time of year could I start?

A: You can start an Apprenticeship at any time of year as long as the employer has a vacancy or your current employer allows you to commence.

Q: What are my employment rights as an Apprentice?

A: Most Apprentices are employed therefore they have the same rights as other employees. To find out your rights as an Apprentice go to www.worksmart.org.uk