Apprenticeships - For Learners

The Benefits

The benefits of working towards an Apprenticeship with Blue Training UK are vast.

Whether you have already taken the first steps towards building your career, or are seeking employment, an Apprenticeship is a fantastic alternative to full-time, further education.

A growing number of employers are actively seeking the qualifications when recruiting new staff, and with the updated frameworks now in place, the qualifications are now even better quality, prestigious learning and development programmes, valued by businesses around the world. By working towards an Apprenticeship, you have the opportunity to a take advantage of a unique development experience, combining 'on the job' learning with a modern e-Portfolio, recording every aspect of your Apprenticeship experience.

Blue Training UK offer Apprenticeships in a wide variety of areas, these are;

For further information on the course that is of interest to you, click on a link from the list above.

All Apprenticeships fall into two categories, these are;

Intermediate Apprenticeships - Level 2 (A* equivalent to GCSE level) Advanced Apprenticeships - Level 3 (AA* equivalent to A-levels)

Further benefits to completing an Apprenticeship include;

A nationally recognised qualification which is relevant to your job role Proof to your employer that you have a desire to develop yourselfKnowledge on how to work more effectively Increased promotion opportunitiesRecognition for your existing skills and knowledgeIncreasing job securityGaining skills and knowledge which can be used across a range of industries

Already Employed?

If you are already in a position but would like to improve your skills and knowledge, then Blue Training UK are the perfect training provider to help you achieve your goals. Providing your employer gives consent for you to work towards an Apprenticeship, the application process is very straight forward. Simply complete an 'Enquiry Form' and Blue Training UK will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a full induction with both you and your employer. A full induction will normally take between 45 mins and 1 hour, in which time the assigned Trainer will explain the 'Apprenticeship Journey' in full and provide you will as much support and information as possible to make the learning process as smooth and beneficial as possible.

Looking for Work?

If you are looking to take on an Apprenticeship that we offer, but are not in employment don't worry! Blue Training UK understands as well as anybody how difficult it can be to find employment, especially in the current economical climate. With this in mind, we have actively developed a large database of clients, all of whom we have previously had success with, and are more than happy to pass on your details to prospective employers. In order for this assistance to be successful, we require as much information on the 'Enquiry Form' as possible, this will help us to find the ideal employer in which you can develop your skills and complete your Apprenticeship.

Should your application be successful, Blue Training UK will contact you well in advance of an interview date and support you through your preparation. Should you be offered employment with a Blue Training UK client, you will be begin your induction for your chosen Apprenticeship.

If you would like to get in touch to see how Blue Training can help you get started simply fill out our Enquiry Form and we will be in touch within 24 hours.   

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