Andy Bellamy, Campanile Hotel

"We have received a very good service from Blue Training and have built up a strong relationship. From the start of the partnership they took the time to find out and understand our company's training needs, which was a confidence-builder because I think it’s important that any external training which takes place in the Hotel is relevant to the work that is done by my team. Once Blue Training had established the training requirements they began identifying members of the team who were interested in gaining a qualification."

"One of the main things which I think has helped train the teams has been the skill scans used to choose the units. By identifying each team member’s duties and responsibilities it means that when the trainer visits it is completely relevant to the individual’s development.  Communication for visits has been excellent and there have been no problems with the trainers, who maintain a very professional approach."

"From what I have seen the training is of a very high standard and because the trainers have experience in our field of work I feel confident that both the admin and front of house staff are learning information and procedures which are used in the company but also can be introduced as best practice. Although I do not review the team's progress after each visit I have access to each learner's files and the online portfolio, which the trainer can access for me therefore keeping up to date with my team’s development is easy. The trainer updates me after visits and goes through what has been done that day."

"I think that Blue Training deliver training of a very high standard and the results have been very positive from the staff.  I have seen an increase in motivation alongside confirmation of the team’s knowledge."